Monday, April 7, 2008


The rollers weren't as bad as they could have been. After warming up and spinning for about 15 minutes listening to Destroy the Runner, I wanted to see how fast I could get going. One of the main reasons for my desire to go fast is that this year I am no longer restricted to junior gearing. My bike used to have a 47 tooth big ring. And I ran a 12-25 or something on the back so I would spin out at about 40. It was awesome!! Not. Anyways, I now have a 53 on the front and an 12-25 on the back so I can push 50 mph on a slight downhill with a tailwind. But before I start rambling, back to the rollers. I wanted to see how fast I could get going and with my roommates watching me I hit 50 mph. I felt fast. So after that I began wondering how far I could go with the rest of my hour. So, I switched to the awesome sounds of the 80's. And I turned on Europe and rocked the Super Hits CD. So with the inspiration of Europe I was able to do 30.11 miles in an hour with a average speed of 30.1 mph. I know it's nothing like being on the road because there's no wind resistance on the rollers but I still felt fast.


peter said...

you need a camera, vanilla face

Virginia Slim said...

and when you get a camera, you should put on a skin suit, TT helmet, and shoe covers, and then film yourself riding in one spot. trust me, everyone will love it.