Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today is April 20th (420), and I woke up today coughing up green snot. So I decided to not race the road race. It was at the Air Force Academy and was windy as tits out. So I guess it wasn't a big deal that I didn't race. But the one thing that chapped my ass was that the road race course has a 4 or 5 mile climb on the back side, and I most likely would have finished with the pack, and maybe top 5 in the field sprint up the climb to the finish. I guess next year I'll race it.
On the 19th, we had the crit race. The crit was right at Colorado College campus with a cool little descent and little power climb. The little climb was sweet except that I would go from the back of the group to the front on the climb and so that made my crit end faster. I made it Short Track time before I blew and rode with BK Krusher off the back like a 12 year old girl until the front of the group caught us again and we got pulled. It was still a fun race.
Virginia Slim upgraded to A's and dominated in his first A race. He hung in like a champ
in the road race and despite cracking on the last lap, pulled it together and finished it out.

Another note: I have not seen as many people on campus at Boulder as I did today. 420 inspires people to get out I guess. The whole Norlin Quad was full of people. Concert status. Smoke everywhere. It was pretty crazy.

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