Friday, May 2, 2008


Today is the first day of studying for me for my finals. I'm studying right now because I have a final tomorrow. And then I have sunday off where I should be tweaked out on adderall and studying for a good solid 12 straight hours. Give or take a couple of hours. Adderall works wonders on the studying.
I think I'm gonna take this week off the bike so I can do well on my finals and then once I'm done with finals, it's gonna be ride-mayhem. I should be able to ride everyday and start getting fast again. Collegiate Road Nationals are in 2 weeks so hopefully I'll be fast for those. If not, then I still have lots of time to get ready for mountain bike nationals in North Carolina Again.
So Got to get to studying.

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Virginia Slim said...

better get to studying for that music final... its gonna be a doozy!