Monday, May 19, 2008

Heat Wave

Yesterday was the short track and 2 days ago was the xc race in california. After living in boulder and then salt lake and not experiencing temperatures above 80, the deathly heat of Santa Ynez was the worst feeling ever. It was about 95 with wind and 105 with no breeze. So goin up climbs was hotter than magma. So after about a hour or so, I started getting chills which is the first signs of heat stroke, so i finished the lap i was on and called it quits. So that was the XC. Sid won, k-bomb second, Wick nasty third. Sick
Next day, short track. It was a lot better than the xc and was my highest placed pro race yet. I placed 27th and i felt pretty good about it so it was good.
2 people crashed right in front of me at the same place so the second time someone crashed, i got mad. and so i dropped the group i was with on the last lap.
overall pretty good weekend for me,
Now i'm back in boulder.

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