Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I'm back in the SLC. And riding now. I rode today with Mitch and Rob. I have some endurance, just I have no top end so I can't go fast up hill. I can go fast downhill though. Which is sweet, and fun.
Um, not really a lot to talk about, I'm just riding my bike tomorrow and the next days, and goin to santa Ynez this weekend for the NORBA. So That should be sweet. And I'm thinkin about racing sport downhill. Giant gave me a Trance this year, so mitch built it up free ride style. it's really fun.

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peter said...


im riding and I can go fast uphill... but there are no hills.
I can go fast downhill though... but there arent any god damn hills.

after you've gone to all the cool places youre going to this summer, you should pay a visit to good ol' MN. its flat, humid, and a good time.