Saturday, May 17, 2008

Santa Ynez

So this weekend is the Santa Ynez Norba National. And if you're here, you know how shitty this course is. But if you're not, here's a little synopsis of the course. Dry, short climbs, bumpy. That's seriously the course. It's pretty similar to the course at Sonoma 2 years ago if you went to that race. So this course starts off and does a gay little loop and then starts up the first climb. It starts off shallow and then climbs up some steep single track. After about 5 minutes of climbing the first descent, and it's dry and bumpy and it's not real fun. The course seems like it used to be wet, but then this place had a drought and now the course is super dry. It's cracked and there are little ravines everywhere on the course to grab your tire and whip you on to your face. I guess thats what happens when frosty designs a course. Because he designed Sonoma too. I guess this course kinda works for me with short power climbs. But I've been in school studying so I've had about 5 days of riding for training for this race. So we'll see how it goes. The race is later today and 2 pm California time, so as I race there's gonna be sweat flowin like Niagra down my ass crack and balls. That's another problem here, is that theres sort of a heat wave comin through this weekend, so it's like 105 degrees with no wind and like 95-100 with a little breeze. So I've been drinking about 10 bottles of water a day. It's a bit ridiculous, coming from SLC, where it's been like 50 degrees and occasionally snowing, to have to now suffer in this brutal heat.
So XC is today, STXC is tomorrow and then I go back home for a day or somethin, and then I go to boulder to hang out with people that I miss, especially one in particular, you know who you are if you're readin this.

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