Sunday, June 15, 2008

home for 2 days

So I got back from Hawaii a couple days and I wish I had gone to boulder for the 2 days before i go to Italy.
But I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow morning and I'll be there until the 24th...I think. I'm going to watch Mitch, my bro, race in Worlds. And another kid from my neighborhood, Rob Squire is going to and racing as a junior. Come to think of it, our neighboorhood has produced 4 really fast kids. Mitch, Rob, Ryan Harrison, and ME. But I'm not fast right now. Ryan was the fastest kid in the nation and won the overall in junior x last year and he didn't get to go to Scotland, which is really really dumb. The people at USA Cycling all need to figure out that they can take 3 more kids in every category than they already do and it wouldn't cost them a thing. But they don't realize that so they end up discouraging fast people like ryan, who is now not fast and doesnt ride anymore.
anyways, i should be able to post stuff from italy. and inform on how worlds is.

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I'm trying to get ahold of pictures of your brother for a story in the Salt Lake Tribune. E-mail me at as soon as you can.
Jim Patrick
Assistant sports editor