Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, I'm back in Boulder and enjoying it. Short track is tonight and last week I was 8th or somethin. Brady kappius won. And it was funny, on the last lap, I passed some soulcraft guy on a cross bike and at the finish, mr. cross bike decided he wanted to take me in the sprint. I saw him trying the sprint and trying to come around me, and I was thinking to myself, what is this guy doing? Who does he think he is, trying to beat me on a cross bike? So I didn't have any problem beating him in the sprint, I just thought it was kind of funny that this guy thought he could beat me.
So anyways, I'll race again tonight and see what happens.
I also got a new car, which is sweet. It's a 2004 Audi A4. 1.8T and a 6 speed. So it's pretty baller. I have to take it to a shop to get some tuning for it. Brady told me about a shop called 3zero3 motor sports, so I'll give that place a try and see how it goes. Maybe get a intake first. and then chip it and get a new exhaust.
Well anyways, haven't written in my blog in a while, so just updating it.


Emily said...
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Brady said...

Good to hear you beat the soulcraft kid - Michael Hosey. He is kind of a loser...

Let me know how your car tuning comes along.

We should ride soon. I might be up in boulder a bit. I'll give you a call. I will probably see you next week too.