Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last wednesday, short track happened again. And it was going pretty good. I was sitting right behind Walders the world champion, and then I had a bee fly into my jersey, and proceed to sting me 5 times in the chest. So i had to stop and pull the damn bee out of my jersey, and by that time walders had dropped me so I just spun a couple more laps and then stopped. But it was a fun race. There were some doubles and some cool little things in the race.

But last weekend, Abby and I went to Crested Butte and we went to Salida. We first went to Salida and rode the Monarch Crest trail to the Rainbow trail. And those 2 trails were really cool. There were some really cool views and you could see for miles. And when we were almost done, i did a stupid thing and let my front tire hit a rock really slow and it made me endo, and I jumped over my bars, but my bike fell on a rock and chipped my seatpost down to the weave, so that is dumb. After that ride, Abby and I drove to Crested Butte, and she kept me entertained the whole way. She kept me from falling asleep, which was great. When we got to Crested Butte, we found a bike shop and the guy told us to ride the 401 trail. So we went up the mountain and found a camp site. And there were a lot of mosquitos, which was lame, but it was the funnest camping i had ever done. We had to carry all of our camping stuff up the the camp site, and Abby carried everything so she looked like a sherpa. We woke up the next morning and set out to ride the 401 trail. We climbed up the road and we went past a really cool mountain lake that was really blue, or that's what Abby said what color it was, it just looked like water to me. When we got to the top, we climbed a little bit more on the 401 trail. And when we got to the top of the 401 trail, the views were awesome. You could see all of the surrounding mountains and there were wildflowers everywhere. It was the prettiest thing ever. We started riding down the trail and we had to stop about every minute and take pictures.

We finished the 401 trail and started heading back to Boulder. And we stopped in buena vista or Fairplay at the Coyote Cantina for some 'awesome' mexican food. It was not very good, and the burrito was a tortilla that was wrapped around chicken, not seasoned or anything. So it was pretty lame. And our stupid cooze of a waitress, Tina, was the worst waitress ever. She took forever for everything. I had my credit card on the table and when she finally came, she set the bill on top of my card and started to leave, and Abby was like 'No! you're not leaving, take the check and scan the card.' So after another 5 minutes of waiting for her to bring the card back, I left her a 10 % tip. And i shouldn't have even left a tip. So we finally left after about a hour in the worst mexican restaurant ever. It might even be worse than the mexican restaurant in Vermont, and that place is terrible.
And then on the way home we had to stop twice for car accidents, and one we had to wait for a hour and a half for life flight and everything. And I'm pretty sure that the people in the crash didn't make it and died.

So now i'm back in boulder and just hanging out. I moved into my house that my room mates and I are leasing, so that's pretty sweet.
CU's short track final is tomorrow, so i'll race that and let the world know about that later.

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