Monday, September 22, 2008

broke my frame.

Last weekend was the XC race in Wyoming. I was sick all week so I didn't get to ride that much so I was slow. It started off good and I was with the top 5 for about 10 minutes and then realized that I was going to die if I kept that up so I relaxed and dropped back to about 11th or something. I rode tempo for the first 2 laps and then on the third lap I kicked it up a couple gears. In the muddy slippery descent I was haulin balls and I guess I was haulin a little too much balls and hit a big rock, and the 2 foot tall rock sucked up all of my 100 mm of travel and sent me up into the air and down onto my head. I heard my bike land on a rock and my helmet crack in a half of a second. I got up and looked at my bike real quick but I didn't see anything major so I kept racing and passed the guy that passed me while I was on the ground and finished in 10th or something. After I finished, I looked over my bike more carefully and saw a crack on my chain stay on the non drive side. I almost broke down and cried over my beloved baby. So I called John Kempdawg and hopefully I will be getting a new rear triangle in the next few weeks. So I don't know what I'm gonna ride this coming weekend, so Mitch, you should bring either my blue bike or the Trance. That would be sick.

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peter said...

... or your brand fuckin new ht.